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Honoring mom’s request to stay in her own home was the primary motivation for Helping Hands’s creation in 2011. We know how important trustworthy care is to our client’s peace of mind and overall well being.

Providing competent, reliable and compassionate care is why so many families switch to Helping Hands in-home Senior Living services and stay with us for years!  We are committed to listening to our clients needs and matching them with the right caregivers. If you want to experience the difference between a traditional nursing home and a qualified, dedicated company offering in-home care, then you should give us a call. We’re always ready to serve. We can come to your home to assess the needs of your loved one, and help you determine a plan of care.

Because we’re locally owned and operated, you’ll find our services to be quite affordable. We don’t have the burden of large overhead costs, so our customers are able to take advantage of our savings. You’ll be happy to get better care at more competitive pricing.



We understand that caring for someone needs to come from the heart.  We take the time to really get to know our clients.  Our number one focus is to provide “Person Centered Care” We focus on the individual, what are their needs from a service needs perspective, but more importantly what really makes them tick, what makes them happy, what makes them smile. 



Our owner is RCFE certified and still goes out in the field everyday to work as a caregiver with our clients.  Our staff is made up of experienced caregivers, CNA’s and LVN’s who have dedicated their life to helping people. Helping Hands provides a comprehensive initial training program with yearly renewal for all our staff and is HCO licenced. 



Helping Hands Group is a local Santa Barbara business.  The founder is a 3rd generation Santa Barbara native.  We know our community and make recommendations based on our own experience of knowing the people and companies in Santa Barbara county.  In addition, since we are a local company we are not burdened with large overhead costs of being a franchise company based in Santa Barbara, this allows us to pass on our savings to our clients.  Thus we provide first class services at affordable prices.

Our Origin Story

26967489The creation of Helping Hands derived from the founder who had a very strong desire to help his own mother with day to day fundamental living challenges. It became apparent she needed even more assistance when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer Dementia in 2009.

He began attending seminars on aging and Alzheimer’s in particular, as he wanted to be sure she was living a fulfilling safe and happy life. With his own family to take care of and busy siblings, he realized she needed a network of trusted, reliable people to drive her places; go shopping for her; do her laundry and help clean up around her house.

In addition, she had multiple medications that she took first thing in the morning, during the day, and at night. It was critical to be sure the correct dosages were dispensed in their distinctive containers for specific times of day. And to make it even more complicated like many other senior’s, her medication required someone to be there everyday to exchange her medicine patch and assist in loading and dispensing her inhaler medication.

All of these varied yet vital needs proved to be difficult for the Helping Hands founder and his family to manage every day, he realized there is a large senior community and their children that face these same needs every day. Helping Hands was founded in a commitment to providing critical services for the senior community and temporary or permanently physically challenged individuals that continues today.

Helping Hands Senior Living Services is the premier source for elderly care in Santa Barbara, CA. We have years of experience in the field, and we know what’s important to you and your family. We’ve provided in-home personal care and elderly care services to a large variety of aging seniors, and you can trust our services. We know you won’t be disappointed when you choose us.

Many companies offer elderly care, but few get it perfect. We’ve allowed our personal experience with these difficulties to shape the way we do business. Because we’ve cared for aging loved ones, we know what you look for in elderly care services. Our staff is familiar with all that’s lacking from traditional nursing facilities and we’re committed to giving you all that and more!

fullsizerenderFrom Alzheimer’s to blindness and osteoporosis, we have professional trained and licensed specialists to provide the care you need. Before we begin our services, we sit down with you and your family to discuss all the things you hope to happen with elderly care services. Together, we’ll form a needs plan that will safeguard your home to ensure the comfort and safety your loved one needs.

You will soon discover that choosing in-home elderly care will go a long way to help the mental and emotional health of your loved one. Many of our clients have experienced drastic improvements once they returned home from a nursing facility. There’s nothing like being in the comfort of your home!

Our elderly care services are first in class. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients and their families are comfortable and happy with the work that we do. We don’t just apply a one-size-fits-all approach to elderly care. You can be sure you’ll receive unique and individualized services. Give us a call to learn more about us!

some of our staff

  • Blanca Pinedo, MSW
    Blanca Pinedo, MSW
  • Yenny Pena, CNA – Care Manager
    Yenny Pena, CNA – Care Manager
  • Dulce Villafana, CNA – Care Lead
    Dulce Villafana, CNA – Care Lead
  • Christina Duran, CNA
    Christina Duran, CNA
  • Danielle Solano
    Danielle Solano
  • Lily Perez
    Lily Perez
  • Cesar Bustos, CNA
    Cesar Bustos, CNA
  • Alicia Alvarado, CNA
    Alicia Alvarado, CNA

A Network of Resources

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We stay informed of new developments in Healthcare for the senior community.  We attend local seminars and proudly recommend the following resources.

Alzheimer's Association

Alliance for Living and Dying Well

Five Wishes

Safeguard Elders against Elder abuse

Santa Barbara Healthcare Providers

Community Training Connection

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