Client Spotlight: Honoring Lucy Lindwall


This month we are honoring Lucy Lindwall, a long-time Helping Hands Group client who will be very much missed by her family and caregivers.  Lucy will be remembered for her caring and loving manner, her sweetness and also her willfulness. Lucy was, in the words of one of her caregivers, “something you hoped you would be when you grow old.”

Her kindness showed in her treatment of those around her—she always had cards ready for her family’s and her caregivers’ birthdays and even weddings and anniversaries.  Lucy, a Santa Barbara native, was polite and appreciative, always grateful for the support and company of her daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as Helping Hands caregivers.  She was a thoughtful host, always offering a bottle of water and a piece of candy to any visitors she had.  At the same time, she knew her own mind and when she said no, she meant no.

She also knew how to treat herself well, and indulged her sweet tooth daily.  She followed all her meals with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, and was especially fond of her son-in-law Dick’s cookies and the dark chocolates she kept in her bedside table.

A petite woman, Lucy always cared about looking her best and made sure she had her makeup and lipstick on, and her shirttails tucked in, before leaving her room at Villa Santa Barbara.  The Villa was her home for the last years of her life, where she enjoyed visits from her family and caregivers several times a week.  Though she was a private person, and didn’t want others to know if she wasn’t feeling well or if her arthritis was bothering her, she was almost always happy, full of love and gratitude.

She loved to spend time reading her newspaper in her favorite chair, made by her late husband Sugar, a master craftsman and boat builder.  Our caregivers were fortunate to hear the stories she was fond of telling, for example when she was about eighteen, and Sugar was about to go off to the war.  They were in very much in love, and Lucy snuck out of her mother’s house and went to Las Vegas to marry Sugar.  Returning home, Lucy found that her mother was furious and had locked her out.  Her only way into the house was through a window!

Lucy’s last days were spent with daughters Carol (known as Punki) and Diana (called Diney), sons-in-law Harry and Dick, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as a devoted team of Helping Hands caregivers.  Lucy’s caregivers, who were welcomed as members of the family, felt very fortunate to be there with Lucy at that time, looking at old family photos and enjoying each others’ company.

Helping Hands Group is proud to have served Lucy, and is grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a wonderful, caring family.  Providing our seniors and their families with this level of loving and compassionate care is our utmost goal and we are so fortunate to have amazing caregivers and clients who make these very special relationships possible.  One of Lucy’s caregivers expressed this sentiment in saying, “I didn’t see Lucy as a client, I saw her as a friend.”  With many thanks to the Lindwall family, we honor Lucy and her legacy.  Her example will live on in our memories and our fondness of Lucy is something we will all forever cherish.

Lucy’s obituary can be found here.

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