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Senior Living Services

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Helping Hands Group aims to provide top tier service so our clients are happy and comfortable wherever they may be. We will work with you and your family to insure you receive the highest level care from experienced and loving care professionals. We understand our programs need to be fluid in nature to make adjustments as needs change. We believe in connected, compassionate and effective communication so you understand how things are going with your loved one and any changes we observe or recommendations for a change in the service program will be delivered promptly. Helping Hands is committed to providing a network of experienced, reliable, and trusted professionals who are expertly trained in all aspects of senior living services.

Residence Facility Support

Helping Hands fills the gap often unfilled at independent living residences. Our role in these environments is to provide care in between fully independent (needing no care) and Assisted living (needing 24hr care). We can run errands, drive to the doctor, manage medications and provide daily or occasional chore and personal care assistance. We also assist with reminders for meals times and facility activities as well as support to get there if needed. Find out what a difference having this flexible support can make!


In-Home 24/7 or Overnight Care

It often comes up that our clients and their family members are concerned about falls during those late night, low light hours in the middle of the night. Some clients just prefer to not be alone. Whatever your reasons, we are here to help! We have a unique and successful policy for providing affordable in home overnight or 24/7 care. Find out what sets Helping Hands apart!


In-Home Care

We know it’s a big deal to have someone come into your home and we don’t take that privilege lightly! Our caregivers are very respectful and have been hand selected to provide careful and loving care in home. All Helping Hands caregivers go through a vigorous LiveScan background check and reference checking process. We also offer continuing education and regular training to keep our caregivers current with the latest safety and best practices in the industry.

What We Offer

• Medication Management – Many clients find the chore of organizing and remembering medications to be the most challenging part of their day. We take the guess work and the worry out of keeping medications and supplements straight. We have a dedicated medication management specialist that can refill prescriptions, organize pill boxes and call your doctor on your behalf. We also offer Medication Reminders – a simpler service that can be added to regular visits.

• In-House LVN – Helping Hands now has its very own nurse! Our staff includes a licensed LVN qualified to provide baseline assessments for new clients, and ongoing assessments for existing clients. When medical attention is needed, our LVN is on call to answer questions you or your caregiver may have and to visit you in person in your own home.

• Laundry– Bending, lifting and folding can be painful if not risky as we age. Our laundry service takes care to wash, dry, fold and put away all of your belongings with care.

• Housekeeping – Housekeeping tasks are easier with our help! Continue doing the tasks that are enjoyable for you and let us take care of the rest.

• Personal Care – Bathing and dressing assistance can help reduce the possibility of a serious fall.  According to the CDC – most falls are caused by a combination of risk factors. In the activity of bathing or dressing there can be many unavoidable risk factors at once. A trained caregiver can provide safe, dignified assistance and improve your overall sense of well being.

• Transportation – Don’t miss another doctor visit or appointment! We’ll help with running errands, and any other transportation services you need. Our escort service is more than a taxi service – our caregivers are trained to help a client who uses a walker or wheelchair to safely enter and exit a vehicle and can assist with note taking and scheduling follow up visits.

• Meal Preparation – Eating healthy isn’t just about nutrition, it’s about feeling nourished. Our caregivers can shop, prepare and serve delicious home cooked meals or prepare make-ahead meals that you can heat up and enjoy. We’ll even do the dishes.

• Grocery Shopping – We can help get the food you request from the grocery store whenever you need it. Or, go with you to the store to provide assistance with gathering items, comparing prices and carrying bags.

• Respite – Are you the primary caregiver for your family member? We’ve been there too. Taking a break and taking care of yourself is essential to maintaining balance and keeping the relationship healthy. We can offer brief periods of respite or full time care – freeing you to be the son or daughter, not the primary care provider.


We are in this together

It’s hard to trust nursing homes and health care facilities these days. Many times, you and your family will receive the red carpet treatment up until the moment you sign the dotted line. That’s just not the case when you choose services from Helping Hands. Our caregivers and staff treat you and your family like family! Our commitment to meeting your needs means changing with you and building lasting relationships with our team and your family.

We have a personal investment in the well-being of our clients. We know what it’s like to find affordable, quality, loving in home health care. That’s why we go out of our way to provide the kind of care we would want for our loved ones or ourselves.


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We offer more than in-home care services, we offer the opportunity to have positive, healthy experiences that will exceed your expectations. Our dedication to meeting all of your needs is what separates our company from the rest. We’re excited about the opportunity to meet you. Get in touch with us today to set up a free consultation!
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